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The International VELUX Award is a biennial competition for students of architecture. We challenge students from all over the world to work with daylight as an ever relevant source of light, life and joy. More than 600 student teams have submitted their daylight project to the International VELUX Award, and the jury has elected nine regional winners. See all winning projects here.

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Reviving the Desert - Meet the Winners from Western Europe Daylight Investigations For the winning team from Université Catholique de Louvain, the realisation that their project had been selected as one of the regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018 took some time to process. The students behind the project “Cover to Reveal” recounts the confusion on receiving the good news and discuss how they created the winning project aimed at reducing the effects of desertification. By Mariann Eliassen 12 November 2018
Paving the Way With Light - Meet the Winners from Asia and Oceania Daylight Investigations With the lack of road infrastructure and electricity in rural China, getting to school can be a very dangerous task for children – especially in the dark. Meet the regional winners behind the project “Road to Light” who want to light the way and create a safer journey for children going to school. By Mariann Eliassen 01 November 2018
Defying desertification - Meet the Winners from the Americas Daylight Investigations Working from separate corners of the American continent, the winning team from Canada still managed to come together to demonstrate that daylight, arguably, is one of the most powerful tools architects have at their disposal – also when it comes to providing a cohesive solution to the global problem of desertification. By Mariann Eliassen 22 October 2018
Back for More - Meet the Winners from Africa Daylight in Buildings For some, taking part in the International VELUX Award once is not enough. Meet returning regional winners, Fatai Osundiji and Emmanuel Ayo-Loto who impressed the jury for a second time with their conscientious project ‘Light Pavilion’. By Mariann Eliassen 12 October 2018
A vision of the future - Meet the Winner from Eastern Europe and the Middle East Daylight in Buildings Do we need to design buildings to be the way they are today? And can we bring more daylight through a vocabulary of openings? These are among the questions regional winner of the International VELUX Award 2018, Anastasia Malsova asks in her ambitious and rebellious project “Light Forms Juggler”. By Mariann Eliassen 02 October 2018
Repurposing the past - Meet the Winners from Western Europe Daylight in Buildings Staying close to home proved to be the recipe for success for the Portuguese regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018. The team impressed the jury by bringing light and fresh air to their own neighbourhood and their own kitchens. By Mariann Eliassen 19 September 2018
Bringing Light Underground - Meet the Winners from the Americas Daylight in Buildings Knowing the importance of daylight for healthy living and a love for science fiction inspired the regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018 from the Americas in the Daylight in Buildings category. The team of architecture students from the University of Virginia share their experience developing the winning projects and thoughts on the importance of working and living with natural light. By Mariann Eliassen 06 September 2018
Making Room for Remembrance - Meet the Winners from Asia and Oceania Daylight in Buildings Offering an elegant solution to lack of space for remembering and mourning the dead, Qi Wang, Jingkai Chen and Peilin Yin’s daylight project stood out from the crowd and made them the regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018 from Asia and Oceania in the Daylight in Buildings category. The students from Qingdao University of Technology in China are now excited about meeting the jury and presenting their project in Amsterdam at the World Architecture Festival this fall. By Mariann Eliassen 23 August 2018
What will happen at the World Architecture Festival? The regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018 have all been invited to attend the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam in November. Find out what will be happening at the festival and get a taste of the IVA experience. By Mariann Eliassen 21 August 2018
The jury's final thoughts on the IVA2018 regional winners After two days of deliberations, the IVA2018 jury selected nine regional winners. Read the full report from the meeting and how the jury reached their conclusion on each winning project. By IVA2018 Jury 23 July 2018
Regional winners found among 633 daylight projects! A jury of renowned architects have elected nine regional winners of the International VELUX Award 2018 after two days of deliberations. The winners were elected from over 600 daylight projects submitted by students from 250 different schools of architecture in 58 countries. Find out who the regional winners are! By Mariann Eliassen 02 July 2018
Strong emphasis on responsibility demonstrated in projects for the International VELUX Award 2018 After two days of hard work and thorough deliberations and discussions the 2018 International VELUX Award jury have selected ten regional winners from among the 633 submitted daylight projects from all over the world. According to jury members, in this year’s project the students have taken on the big issues. By Mariann Eliassen 27 June 2018
More than 600 student architect teams prioritize daylight in their studies We are happy to announce that The International VELUX Award 2018 has received almost 650 projects by architecture students from around the globe. In the end of June, a jury of renowned architects will select the five regional winners in each of the two categories; ‘Daylight in Building’s and ‘Daylight Investigations’. By Mariann Eliassen 18 June 2018
No Architecture Without Light - Rick Joy interview As the submission deadline and jury meeting draw ever closer, architect and jury member Rick Joy has some last-minute advice for students taking part in the International VELUX Award; Go to the library! By Mariann Eliassen 12 June 2018
Five things to remember before submitting your project More than 4,500 students are registered to compete in the International VELUX Award 2018, and we are excited to receive the all the great daylight projects by the submission deadline of the 15th of June. Before you submit your project, make sure your entry is as strong as possible with these five tips. By Mariann Eliassen 24 May 2018
Over 4500 students register for the International VELUX Award 2018! A record number of 3318 teams have signed up to take part in the biggest competition for students of architecture of its kind and compete for a prize sum of up to €30,000 and the chance to pitch their daylight projects to a jury at the World Architecture Festival. By Mariann Eliassen 24 May 2018