Global Winners Announced!

The International VELUX Award is a biennial competition for students of architecture. We challenge students from all over the world to work with daylight as an ever relevant source of light, life and joy.

Light and Shadow

Regional Winner Africa - Daylight Investigation

The idea of the project is to provide free light to poor people in their neighbourhoods at night and shade during the day. Many neighbourhoods have neither street lighting nor shade from trees in public spaces. The idea is to establish flexible streetlight luminaires made of two layers and with two functions; an outer layer with solar cells and an inner layer of a glowing fabric – thus creating a string of shadows during daytime and glowing light at night. It is a project with a very appealing idea; a simple and beautiful solution to a specific task that solves two problems – the need for shade and the need for light. Many projects are concerned with beacons and how to lead and safeguard people during the night; the jury finds this project the most sympathetic in the category as it truly offers residents safer conditions in their neighbourhoods. All in all a realistic project that also creates happiness. 

Students: Ahmed Zorgui, Ala Eddin Noumi
School: Ecole nationale d'architecture et d'urbanisme