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The International VELUX Award for students of architecture challenges students to explore the theme of daylight - to create a deeper understanding of this ever-relevant source of energy, light and life. The award runs every second year and it is one of the most important global student competitions of its kind. The International VELUX Award 2018 will be kicked-off during spring 2017 – so be ready!

What is on for architecture students at the World Architecture Festival?

“It is up to them!” exclaims Paul Finch, co-founder and programme director of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), as he describes the opportunities for regional winners of the International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture (IVA) at this year’s Festival in Berlin.

World Architecture Festival 2016 will take place on the 16 - 18 November in Berlin Germany.

Students will have plenty of opportunities to interact and engage with some of the world’s top architects, attend live presentations and absorb architectural ideas through the WAF project gallery.

“WAF is a friendly and celebratory event, and students often queue up to ask questions or introduce themselves to architects who are presenting or speaking at the Festival,” noted Finch.

Since the launch of World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2008, Paul Finch has seen the Festival grow into an interesting mix of an architectural awards, conference, exhibition and networking event. Just like the International VELUX Award, the WAF awards programme has a global makeup with 784 entries arriving from 58 countries in 2016. Excitement will be running high in Berlin when the more than 400 shortlisted WAF entries are presented live to delegates and international juries.

Paul Finch - co-founder and programme director of the World Architecture Festival (WAF)

“The awards programme definitely provides drama for the Festival,” said Finch.

The International VELUX Award will be joining the excitement of the WAF awards programme with a live presentation of the regional winner’s daylight-inspired projects and the announcement of the Award’s two global winners on 18 November. The presentations will be live streamed on

Infusing a student competition like the International VELUX Award into the Festival will provide a sense of creativity that Finch believes will bring a special energy to the event.

“Students can be free-thinking because they are not bound by the inevitable realities of architectural practice – they will bring freshness to the event, and a perspective which by definition will be different to that of mature architects,” said Finch.

The World Architecture Festival will culminate in a Gala Awards event where the announcement of the global winners of the International VELUX Award will take place alongside announcement of the winners of the Festival’s highest prizes. The Gala will take place at a unique venue in Berlin’s Postbahnhof which was a major hub for the railway mail traffic from 1907 to the end of the Second World War and is now a significant culture house. It is this fusing of modern culture and architectural history that brought the World Architecture Festival back to Europe after four years in Singapore.

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is where the world architecture community meets to celebrate learn, exchange and be inspired.

“It is a city of extraordinary cultural impact, and a place which architects are happy to both visit and re-visit,” said Finch.

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By Shaun Weston Nystrom