We're back for 2020!

The International VELUX Award is a biennial competition for students of architecture. We challenge students from all over the world to work with daylight as an ever relevant source of light, life and joy.

The award runs every second year and it is one of the most important global student competitions of its kind. The International VELUX Award 2020 is launching now! Prepare your project team, connect with your teacher and get ready for registration in September 2019.

Light Pavilion

Regional Winner Africa - Daylight in Buildings

Students: Fatai Osundiji, Emmanuel Ayo-loto
Teacher: Babajide Onabanjo
School: Obafemi Awolowo University
Country: Nigeria

Africa has had its share of internally displaced people, numbering in the millions. One specific sad case is the north-eastern part of Nigeria, where thousands of people are homeless; they have lost nearly everything, including their social lives, and are now forced to live and be cared for in camps created by governments and NGOs. The project proposes a special, easy-to-assemble pavilion, using cheap and locally sourced materials that include bamboo, used tyres and soil. The Light Pavilion is a simple, prototype shelter designed to serve as a social space for these poor camp dwellers.

The idea to create a communal pavilion for people who are in desperate and displaced conditions is very concrete and very sympathetic. The project suggests not just a simple and colourful roof providing shade during daytime for children playing and learning; the core idea is that the application of photo-luminous glow-paint − charged and re-charged by sunlight − will transform the roof into 'light-emitting-rods' that glow beautifully at night. The project is rewarded for its simple, colourful and easily realisable idea.