The International VELUX Award is a competition for students of architecture that runs every second year. We challenge students from all over the world to work with daylight as an ever relevant source of light, life and joy. The award is one of the most important global student competitions of its kind.

Submission is now closed. The jury will review the projects in July and the regional winners will be announced in August.

Interview with jury member Martin Pors Jepsen, VELUX Group

Martin Pors Jepsen is vice president of VELUX Global Product Management in Denmark. He previously served as a jury member in 2018. He provides his advice to student’s submitting to the International VELUX Award 2020 and his unique take on the award as a member of VELUX.

The importance of daylight

“A lot of the architecture that we observe and see in our daily lives does not necessarily address or ensure a good indoor climate. The fact that people who live indoors don’t have a reach into the outdoors. And daylight is a fascinating vehicle to do just that. So, what I am looking for in the project is very much to see how daylight comes into play. It can be in products, it could be in how the buildings are used and how they bring daylight indoors. I think there are different perspectives to that. But I think the actual use of daylight and seeing that as an organic part of the buildings and the environment we’re looking into is hugely important.”

Martin Pors Jepsen, Vice President of Global Product Marketing at VELUX and IVA 2020 jury memeber.

Advice to students

When it comes to the International VELUX Award he says, “One important reason why students should be participating in the award is the opportunity to work with daylight in architecture and work with daylight as a concept. Daylight is a fascinating and live-giving component to buildings. So, having the opportunity to work with this in a very focused way is something we think students will benefit tremendously from.”

As students begin working on their submissions, there are two award categories to consider: 1) Daylight in Buildings and 2) Daylight Investigations. To find out more, read the award brief here.

Jepsen provided the following feedback on what he’s looking for as a jury member in student submissions: “What we’re looking for in projects is to see how daylight specifically comes into play in the buildings or the environments that are being drawn up, how it actually becomes an integral organic part of those elements and it addresses poor indoor climates and dark environments that don’t really work for humans. I think that is very much what I’ll be looking for.”

Having served as a jury member before, Jepsen also said that “students from all over the globe have shown, have proven, that they can come up with ideas and imaginative solutions that are hugely important to bring to the forefront, not just for a company that works in a commercial environment, but working with the essence of what daylight does, namely provide a better well-being, comfortable living environments for people around the globe.”

We look forward to receiving your submission to this year’s award!

Jury member meeting for IVA 2018.

Martin Pors Jepsen holds a M.Sc. in International Business and Modern Languages and has held several commercial positions in the VELUX Group; as general manager for VELUX China and global product manager for VELUX Solar energy. From 2010 to 2016, he was general manager for VELUX Modular Skylights. He also serves as assistant Professor and study program manager at the Copenhagen Business School.

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By Sarah Detter